“Bubble Everywhere” by Lexxicon

Jamaican born, Toronto-residing artist, Lexxicon has been busy preparing to finish the year of 2021 in style, which he evidently so so here, releasing both a music video for his song “Bubble Everywhere” and unveiling the final chapter of his album ‘Tropicon Islands’.

Firstly, upon learning more about Lexxicon, we can see why the title of the song is very broad and encapsulates the idea of being global, with particular reference to being ‘everywhere’: though born in Jamacia, he has lived in Birmingham (UK), New York (US), and now resides in Toronto (Canada). At some level, the experiences of living in different countries and cities, may have shaped some of the musical ideas that Lexxicon has – which we welcome with open arms.

Turning our attention more to the song and video, the sublime production is highly noticeable and provides a glossy polish to the music. The finessed focus on the beat gives this its driving force, whilst the vocals dance over the top of the mix. All of this is then presented in an eye-catching video full of colour and energy that will demand your attention.

Speaking of the song, Lexxicon states: “this is definitely my best body of work so far and I can’t wait for the world to hear what I have been putting together for the last 2 years“. He then expands on the concept of the song: “after expressing their strong connection, the couple goes to explore the island and have some fun, partying with locals and each other. The song is the carefree party anthem to get you dancing, vibing and having a good time. It’s the perfect track to get any celebration started.”

Lexxicon: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter
Original Photo credit: David J. Fulde

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