Interview: Greatest Hits

As the British/Australian trio, Greatest Hits, prepare to release their brand new ‘Volume 2’ EP (out on 3 Dec) the band have kindly taken the time to answer a series of questions we have compiled. Learn more about them and their music through our friendly interview.

Hello. We understand that you have just released a new single “Nuclear Love” – what is the story behind this song and its title?
‘Nuclear Love’ is a love letter to a crush. The lyrics are just trying to say to someone “whatever you want to do, you can do it!” Whether that’s being a movie star or a nuclear scientist. There’s a line about stopping a nuclear war in there and at the time I just thought ‘Nuclear Love’ is a funny but kind of accurate way of describing those crazy strong feelings you get when you first fall for someone.

Your new single “Nuclear Love” paves the way for your upcoming ‘Volume 2’ EP (due for release on 3rd December). What inspired you to write, record and release an EP? And what was the process of doing this like?
We were all moving around a lot during the writing process. I think that naturally leads to each song having its own journey and flavour. It has a much broader palette than ‘Volume 1’.  It’s been a lot more collaborative between the 3 of us too, which was really nice.

How would you describe the overall sound of your EP? Which song might you put forward to someone as a go-to track to introduce them to your music?
It’s a hard one to describe as it’s so varied but I think the percussion, bass-lead grooves, and hooky vocal melodies are still at the heart of the sound. As a go-to song I’d say Spicy is a good way to capture the energy from our songs and live show.

How, and where, was the EP recorded? What ideas went into the songs and where there any changes made during the studio process?
Most of the recording is done at home with Ryan’s equipment, but this time around we did record the drums at Tim, our keys player’s studio. Once the drums are recorded they’re pretty much set but everything else is up for experimentation until the final mix. Some songs came together straight away, while others needed more coaxing to the finish line. Recording at home is a double edged sword – There’s definitely a risk of over-working things, but it also allows a lot of freedom to explore.

In terms of live music, do you have any plans or bookings you can talk about? What is it about live music that you may be looking forward to?
We have a headline tour here in Australia, and then the real big news – we’re coming back to play shows in the UK!! – starting with London on May 17th! We’re so stoked to be getting back to where it all began for us. 
All of us absolutely thrive off playing live shows. It’s the best part about being in this band, and probably the only way to get the full “Greatest Hits” picture. 

What artists have you been listening to? And what artists should others be watching?
Robert Palmer’s ‘Looking For Clues’ album, 70’s Joni Mitchell, Sparks, and then new releases from Parquet Courts, L’Eclair, Silk Sonic, and Parcels
People should be watching King Stingray! We just came off a 2 week tour with them and they are an incredible band. Also, T Truman!!

Greatest Hits: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Website

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