“Secrets” by Jem

Decidedly fresh, this song has an unmistakable middle-eastern tonality and feel to it, further enforced by the accompanying music video that highlights the cultural aspects of Jem’s Turkish heritage.

Exploring this song further, Jem has done an incredible job of creating a sound that, on the surface, appears to be quite minimalistic, however, upon closer inspection reveals a rich layering of subtle sounds that effectively meld into one another. This sonic blending gives the impression of a simple composition – due, in part, to the way that the guitar and vocals dominate the spotlight – however, the reality is that there are a multitude of melodies and percussive-instrumentation at work that, ultimately, creates a musical tapestry that truly lends itself to Jem’s charismatic vocals. With this in mind, the authenticity of this song transverses cultural barriers; any music lover should be able to appreciate the musicianship and talent behind this gem, even if it’s not quite their usual go-to style of music.

“Sometimes I visualise my songs before writing them. With this song, imagery came to me in a dream-like state, and all I did was react musically to how these images made me feel. When writing music, I always hark back to a place, a visual, a feeling that reminds me of the warm and embracing state of where I grew upI’ve always been interested in the unknown, and the feeling lies between the lines. Music and art are my way of highlighting the beauty that I see, which is often buried with a plain sight for most people.” – Jem

Jem: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | YouTube
Original Photography: Onar Dag | Single Artwork: Ferhat Topal

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