“In Love For A Day” by Mr. Limb

“In Love For A Day” by Mr. Limb is a wonderfully positive song brimming with feel-good vibes and jazzy chords that, dare we hazard a guess, could be a mix of sevenths and suspended stylings that give this an uplifting, breezy feel. Organic vocals avoid being over-processed and add a feeling of authenticity, further enriching the earthy, straightforward feelings that emanate from this delightful song.

The well-suited tempo helps to give this song a bouncy energy, without feeling rushed and will have you tapping – or, quite possibly, dancing – along to it. A very vibrant song that will lift your spirits during these cold, dark winter months and, potentially, a great song to add to your playlists when entertaining friends during Xmas as it’s fun nature and non-intrusive vibe will likely suit any environment.

Mr. Limb: Bandcamp | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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