“All Our Time” by Coming Up Roses

Brace yourself for some stunning alt-rock/shoegaze music all the way from Singapore, courtesy of the band Coming Up Roses!

Crystal clear vocals introduce this song against an backdrop of ambience. This, however, is quickly replaced with the reassuring sounds of guitar and bass, presenting some familiar alt-rock melodies to grab your attention. Coming Up Roses then take things up a notch, adding even more energy by launching into an anthemic chorus, delightfully exceeding expectations and taking your breath away. The trio then skilfully employ changes in dynamics and tempo to adjust the feeling of the song, ensuring your undivided attention for its duration and keeping you on your toes; this sonic mastery is exemplified by the way in which the band are able to make a five minute long feel a lot shorter, aptly demonstrating the way that the listener becomes infatuated with the song and loses track of time due to their focus on the music.

A final accolade on top of all the existing praise is reserved for the music video, which is even more impressive in that it is Coming Up Roses’ first music video! The video is quite straightforward and focuses on the band, which makes for a great introduction for global audiences hearing their music for the first time and getting to know who Coming Up Roses are. This approach also means that the music is able to take the spotlight, avoiding a video that could be over the top with special effects or narrative, distracting the listener/viewer from the song.

If it’s not already apparent, we love Coming Up Roses and their song “All Our Time”. Give their video a watch & find them on socials.

Coming Up Roses: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter

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