“What I’ve Become” by Mcclendon

An electronic pulse initially opens this song up and is quickly joined by a rich sounding acoustic guitar. Stunning vocals then enter the mix to add another dimension to the ambience. This simple, yet majestic, approach allows the layers of vocal harmonies to really take the spotlight which results in the listener being absolutely captivated by the spirit of the music – what we mean by this is that whilst the song uses uses modern techniques to capture its sound, there’s a feeling to the song that makes it feel older, in the sense that it carries an element of traditionalism that rural communities throughout would identify themselves through their own folksongs. In this way, this song conjures up images of Scotland for us, partly because we hear some similarities to British band Stornoway (hailing from Oxford, yet named after the Scottish town Stornoway), with particular reference to their song ‘The Road You Didn’t Take’. This is a compliment that we hope Mcclendon will appreciate as we love both songs and feel that there is a real art to creating music as beautiful and authentic as these examples.

Turning our attention now to Mcclendon’s video, this has also been done in a minimalist, straight-forward way that we enjoy. The mix of indoor choreography coupled with the outdoor footage and shots of Mcclendon all works together incredibly well in creating a video that works seamlessly with the music as it provides a visual narrative for the viewer to follow without detracting from the beauty of the music. As such, we truly admire the way that this has been achieved.

Mcclendon: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter

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