“Extinction” by Waagal

The world is full of talent and creativity, exemplified in particular by this special song and video by multi-instrumentalist Waagal who on his new album ‘Monad’, plays guitar, didgeridoo, handpans, kashaka, kalimba (to name a few) along with a variety of other instruments. It is our huge pleasure to have been sent this video and we hope that you will take a moment to enjoy this phenomenal discovery.

Utilising a straightforward video approach, Waagal allows the music to speak for itself, with the video focussing on the live performance of Waagal playing several instruments at once. This lets you appreciate the technical musicianship whilst also enjoying the music, free from the distractions that an over-the-top video might otherwise have; instead the minimalism of this video works perfectly.

The rich and exotic melodies of the piece captivate you whilst the percussion creates a rhythmic trance, drawing you further and further into the experience. We found ourselves able to watch, and listen to this, on repeat – allowing ourselves to fully embrace it. On this note, the audio has been recorded remarkably well, allowing a beautiful reproduction of the live sound captured. Ultimately this is a beautiful piece of art: visually, musically, and sonically.

Waagal: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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