“Melbourne” by Melanie MacLaren

A beautiful melody, played on an acoustic guitar, invites the listener to focus all their attention on this song as it charmingly introduces itself to you. Following this, Melanie wastes no time in adding her crystal clear vocals to the song and, in doing so, counters the bright guitar melodies with her own bittersweet vocal lines. Meanwhile, gentle percussion calmly helps the song to peacefully flow, whilst adding another sonic dimension to the delicate layers that this song possesses.

Thought lots of songs can be described as ‘dreamy’ this, we feel, truly epitomises that and genuinely captures that elusive essence: in many ways there is a feeling of nostalgia throughout, though avoids becoming too melancholy, instead remaining bright and positive at heart. In short this is faultless and we’re honoured to be able to write about it.

Melanie MacLaren: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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