“Always Shoulda Known” by Columbia

Scouse rock’n’rollers Columbia are back, once again channelling their Oasis-esque confidence and swagger into a sound that they completely own; giving Brit-pop a healthy update as the band draws inspiration from the Brit-rock greats whilst ensuring that their new output is as modern, and fresh, as possible.

Opening with an enticing guitar riff and quickly supported by the powerful bass, this song blossoms into something spectacular, especially once the drums and vocals join in, providing a robust sound that is pretty anthemic. From here the song continues to steadily progress, delivering the band’s trademark sound with style and flair.

This indie-rock gem is a fitting closing track for the band’s freshly released debut EP – titled ‘The Potion’ and completes the four-track collection. We highly recommend that you listen to both this song as its own gem and to the full EP to fully experience Columbia’s musical prowess.

Columbia: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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