“Pomegranate (Denial)” by Theory Of Why

Glorious fuzzy-fuelled riffs introduce the listener to this beautiful behemoth of a song that effortlessly melds both powerful riffage with musical melodies, thus bringing to mind the likes of Baroness in terms of ferocity and Wolf Alice (at their grungier moments, like ‘She‘ or ‘Giant Peach‘).

Pounding drums and angst-filled vocals deliver phenomenal performances against the backdrop of the guitar riffs – all of which is made all the more impressive when learning that Theory Of Why are a duo: the levels of creativity, and the musicianship, are breathtaking and have us radiating admiration for them. Consequently, it is fair to say that TOW have definitely found themselves some new fans as we can confidently proclaim our love of their music.

As the title track of the duo’s new album, the song does a superb job of quickly grabbing your attention and enticing you to listen to the duo’s discography. After a listen to this song, we highly recommend that you follow it up with the full album.

Theory Of Why: Bandcamp | Instagram | Spotify

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