Music Roundup #43

“Doctor” by Marine Medina: the opening song from her debut six-song ‘Redemption Child’ EP, this superbly displays Marine’s vocal talents and songwriting style; quickly piquing the listener’s interest and holding you captive throughout. Particular highlights are the soulful vocals – which also show great character and impressive range – and the fittingly minimal instrumentation that keeps the sound grounded and adds an authenticity to the whole song.


“Clay” by Becca Tremmel: an epic-sounding piano opens the song, bringing to mind some rock-opera greats such as ‘Baba O’Riley’ by The Who – a sincere compliment for such a strong hook and powerful sound. From here the song takes a turn as Becca’s wonderful voice enters the mix – delivering a stunning vocal performance that will truly impress any listener. The heartfelt lyrics carry a great message whilst the rapturous style of the song, with its final crescendo, is spectacular!


“Normal People” by Elliot Porter: a beautiful song that uses a straightforward approach to create a quietly-confident song that feels humble-yet-assured and carries a musical warmth. Elliot’s voice works incredibly well and is further elevated by the spot-on mix that deftly balances the various layers of instrumentation that brings a broad sound directly to the listener, demonstrating an expert sense of sonic space that is captured remarkably well on record.

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