“Home” by Scott & Maria

Beautiful vocal harmonies greet the listener in this wonderful pop/folk gem. As these vocals open the song, you’ll further be enticed by the delicate piano that reverberates in the background, further complementing the warm, rich vocal melodies. Such a strong introduction will have you captivated and beckon you to continue listening as you become thoroughly mesmerised by this incredible song.

The Brighton-based duo, Scott & Maria, have us truly hooked to this song and have quickly won us over a fans of their sound through this particular single. A particular praise-worthy highlight, other than the impeccable production quality, comes from the magnificent layering throughout the mix: the vocals weave in and out, exploring both dynamics and textures; various stringed instruments add to the sonic tapestry, with both pizzicato and traditional arco/bowed techniques employed; and the ever-growing piano – played by French pianist Vanessa Sanfilippo – explores different moods as it grows ever bolder towards to final crescendo.

Fans of Lily and Madeleine, Zoe Wren, and Eisley are likely to add the music of Scott & Maria to their music collections and may wish to keep a keen eye out for future live appearances at festivals and gigs.

Scott & Maria: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter
Original Photo Credit: Jakub Golis

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