“Chimes” by The Running Free

A track that is alive and kicking with a wild assortment of zingy guitar riffs, and passion, ‘Chimes’ is a loud and proud showcase of high-octane rock music! Right from the get go running freely with a lively showcase of cathartic rock from Yorkshire music collective, The Running Free. I just want to go on a joyride… Wind down the window, and sing this song as loud as I can. 

The new single unleashes a seismic charge of kinetic energy, blasting its way through the soul with a ripple of passionate vocals and raucous riffs enough to leave the senses tingling. The guys have perfected their wholesome, enthused soundscape of adrenaline-infused riffage and hearty instrumentation. 

The band’s lyrics on ‘Chimes’ are energised with a deeply personal, yet relatable storyline, effortlessly capturing the balance musicians must strike regarding social media, and all the frustrations which can arise. The Running Free have taken this opportunity to highlight the need for remaining true to yourself as a musical artist, and not feel the need to change stylistically because social media says so. Good on them for sticking a metaphorical middle finger up to all those fickle trend-setters. The mighty sing-along chorus sections race along seamlessly with confidence and vigour, and it’s absolutely thrilling. 

The music of The Running Free is a relentless pulsation of pure enjoyment, and it’s all thanks to the band’s trade-mark fusion of energetic rock, feisty punk, and heart-on-sleeve emo lyricism. ‘Chimes’ propels itself forwards with all the steely determination Usain Bolt, skimming along the race track with gold medal and finish in sight. I’m convinced that this single will inspire many a mosh-pit on venue dance floors and festival fields, up-and-down the land.

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