“What Is A Life?” by Third Lung

Thoroughly anthemic from start-to-finish, alternative rockers, Third Lung, know how to channel spectacular lead vocals alongside luscious soundscapes, provided in part by the delay-infused guitar that would do justice for the likes of U2 and Foo Fighters – not bad company to be in, we imagine.

Diving straight into the song, lead singer Tom displays a tremendous singing voice full of body, power, and – crucially – melody. Within the space of a few minutes Tom demonstrates his impressive vocal range, taking his voice from a tentative opening all the way to soaring heights as the song swells; constantly building towards an epic crescendo that marks the high-water point, before dissipating into a more subdued outro.

Whilst the vocals are incredibly prominent, Third Lung have also mastered the essential ability of playing as a unit with the intention of best serving the song and allowing it to reach its full potential. In this instance, whilst we have given much praise for the vocal performance, there is also a huge amount of praise to be given for Cam’s lead guitar & backing vocals; Rob’s bass-playing; and Sam’s percussion. We admire the way in which each member – Cam, Rob, and Sam – deliver an incredible performance: each instrument sounds brilliant in the mix and really makes the song sound huge, very much giving the impression that the whole band are all on the same page and pulling in the same direction. We feel that this is worth highlighting especially as it all adds up to the final result: an epic-sounding song by a band that genuinely show that they mean business. Ultimately, if this song and video are anything to judge by, then we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Third Lung in the near future on live stages, and hearing much more via online music services.

A great band with an enormous amount of potential that is quickly being realised and, importantly, is materialising for the group!

Third Lung: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter

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