“Come Underneath My Covers” by The Meskimo

Here at Pillar Artists we listen to a lot of music from artists of all genres and from all over the world. We live for the joy of discovering great new music and, in our opinion, “Come Underneath My Covers” by The Meskimo fits this criteria perfectly; simply listen to the song to understand why.

For us, this remarkable composition is made even more impressive by being an instrumental, meaning that the musicianship has to step up a notch to create an engaging piece of music without the aid of a story delivered by lyrics. In this case, this four-minute wonder spectacularly achieves this by hooking us in with the groovy bass and smooth, understated percussion, creating a fusion of jazz and prog-rock.

Expanding on this, we find ourselves absorbed by the music, as we attentively listen to each instrument and follow each particular phrase throughout. Despite being four minutes long, we could listen forever (to some degree we do, thanks to the repeat button) – due to its creativity the song feels rather timeless and finishes sooner than expected; something that is a sure sign of quality. A brilliant discovery perfect for simply chilling to, or for giving yourself a focus boost as you work through your ‘to-do’ listen whilst being soundtracked in style. Needless to say, we’re now big fans of The Meskimo and will happily pile praise upon this musical gem.

The Meskimo: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter

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