“Cuttin’ The Cord” by Lunarcode

“Cuttin’ The Cord” by Lunarcode: put simply, this is one of the best songs we’ve had the pleasure of discovering. This spectacular gem is opened up by an edgy riff packed with attitude whilst the vocals deliver a dose of character that really gives the song, and band, a real identity that will take them far.

Fuelled by powerful-yet-melodic vocals, the song is propelled along at a modest speed, with the iconic riff providing a solid foundation on which the band then create a well-rounded song that contains all the necessary ingredients required for that special feeling when you hear great music such as this. Lunarcode truly know what they are doing as evidenced by this gem, the measure of which can be seen and felt by the long-lasting impression that this song has on the listener.

As a final note, lovers of rock music will be thrilled by the magnificent solo that marks the midpoint of the song whilst those that enjoy a story can also watch the brilliant music video that accompanies the song (scroll down to watch the video).

Lunarcode: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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