“Pepita” by Sacropolis

“Pepita” by Sacropolis: a spectacular indie rock song that is infused with an authentic feel-good vibe providing a perfect anthem for the hot summer weather.

Having already impressed us with their earlier release, “Home”, Sacropolis have continued to demonstrate their ability to write songs that are both euphoric and catchy: a combination that has them solidly on an upward trajectory as their energy-filled music consistently brings the band new fans from all over the world.

The band’s latest release, “Pepita”, opens with a beautiful indie chord progression which is then further enhanced by the melodic basslines that add another dimension to Sacropolis’ sound. The introductory verse sets the groundwork for what is to come, easing the listener in with a straightforward vocal delivery setting the stage for the explosive chorus that will be a real crowd-pleaser at both gigs and festivals. By now the song will have won the listener over, keeping you hooked right until the end and tempting you to play this song endlessly on repeat as our summer soundtrack.

Lyrically, the track describes the feeling of being hopelessly in love for the first time, which is accompanied by a certain helplessness and speechlessness” – Sacropolis

Sacropolis: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Website

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