“I Can’t Be” by Danny Mellin

“I Can’t Be” by Danny Mellin: beefy indie rock riffs open this delightful song, instantly demanding that the listener pay attention right from the start. Danny’s voice quickly joins in with a spectacular vocal delivery; his voice has both a great tone and impressive range, making for a winning combination that makes this song an utter joy to listen to.

Listening to this song is a wonderful experience, thanks in part to the way in which Danny cleverly crafts it: mainly using major chords for a feel-good vibe and then throwing in some minor twists to keep proceedings from becoming too sweet. On top of this, the single also demonstrates Danny’s use of tempo and pacing; the stop-start moments add extra emphasis to the chorus and showcases the mature writing style that Danny has. The final refinement that further elevates the song comes from the smooth production that makes this a listener-friendly experience and, we expect, will make this ideal for radio stations to broadcast.

Danny, in his own words, reveals that: “It was really frustrating to have recorded the drums and the bass but having to wait months to finish off the song, but I’m really happy with the result. It’s just how I wanted it to sound.”. He then adds: “It’s such a fun song to play and we can’t wait to play these new songs in front of live audiences again”.

Danny Mellin: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | Website | YouTube
Single Artwork: Jamie Mellin

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