Music Highlights #10

“Ballade des gens Heureux” by Hum Hum
The overall style of this song transcends any language barriers and captivates the listener regardless of any geopolitical borders. The emotive, and classy, vocals work tremendously well with the superb guitar melodies whilst the music video is both interesting and fun. A great song by the international (French & Belgian) duo Hum Hum.


“Distance” by Pastel Coast
French band, Pastel Coast, have been creating quite a stir with their own brand of indie-pop music that carries their signature flair and imagination in each song. We’re already a fan of both their sound and band name, and this further cements our appreciation of their music. This song is perfect for the sunny weather and is a guaranteed feel-good song to soundtrack your summer.


“Ninjas Don’t Kill Butterflies by Lex Holmes
The cool song title piqued our interest and led to the discovery of this gem. Lex Holmes‘ vocals are amazing, and carry a solid dose of character and emotion throughout the song against a rich tapestry of instrumentation. A wonderful song to play on summer evening road trips.


“Sorry Isn’t Good Enough” by Rich Chambers
This song, by Rich Chambers, features a delightfully wide, full-bodied mix that has an uplifting feel to it, despite the juxtaposition of the song title. As the chorus hits you’ll quickly find yourself tapping along. A real mood lifter of a song, packed with good vibes, that is a joy to play.


“Words of Comfort” by Shivam Sengupta
A brilliant debut single by Shivam Sengupta driven by crystal-clean guitars and an beautifully heartfelt vocal performance. This song is packed with ideas and meanders along its course, cleverly mixing different ideas seamlessly. The polished mix further then elevates the song and adds the finishing touch.

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