Music Highlights #9

“Gamela” by Diogo Ramos
Diogo Ramos has, once again, captured our hearts with this fun-filled upbeat groove-fest that features the Latin-fuelled influence that we know and love. Percussive layers, bursts of brass, and strong bass all come together remarkably well whilst the group chorus adds the finishing touch. Superb music as usual from Diogo Ramos who is quickly expanding his discography ahead of the new EP due for a summer release.


“Back To Me” by Woodlight
A wonderful folk-pop song that features amazing vocal harmonies, skilled musicianship, and a genuine energy that is contagious – each listener will tap along throughout. The quintet, Woodlight, are comprised of Italian and French musicians, making them an international group – fabulously demonstrating that music is a universal language without borders. A wonderful song with a brilliant video that shows the band having a great time.


“Fine Lines” by Derek Day
A fantastic rock ballad by Derek Day that showcases spectacular vocals, yet cleverly remains incredibly melodic and focused on the overall musical vision, delivering an incendiary song full of flair and character. The song opens with a harmonica introduction, gently luring the listener in before allowing overdriven guitars to suddenly join in a spectacularly dramatic fashion. A real gem of a song.


“The Silver Lining Lady” by Edouard van Praet 
A fun, tongue-in-cheek song by Edouard van Praet who uses an old-school throwback, crooner-esque approach to deliver the introspective lyrics. The jaunty, good-natured music video is paired nicely with the wry lyrical theme and gives the listener some well-matched visuals to engage with during the musical performance. A solid song that allows Edouard to explore his creativity throw both music and visuals.


“Social Media Is Fake” by Maggi Mayfield
Maggi Mayfield considers herself to be a comedian first and foremost, and a musician second, yet delivers a great music video with a very apt message regarding social media, and reminding us not to take everything we see on the internet at face value. Using witty lyrics, Maggi combines both comedy and music to create this song, and does so very well. We wholeheartedly agree with the ideas behind the song and recommend giving this a watch and listen.

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