“Something” by LYD

“Something” by LYD: an incredibly vibrant debut single that features the wonderfully soulful voice of Birmingham-based artist LYD alongside tasteful guitar that beautifully merges indie and soul elements.

The song opens with a delightfully bright guitar lick that immediately captures your attention and entices you to continue listening. The aforementioned guitar soon subsides, playing softly and percussively as LYD’s voice enters the mix to then take centre stage; her jazz/soul-esque, smoky vocals evoke style and class, smoothly delivering elegant vocal melodies against the playful instrumentation. As the song progresses, so does LYD’s confidence, allowing everyone to hear how stunningly versatile her voice is as she deftly incorporates a range of styles within her vocal performance. LYD maintains this momentum right up until the final note, as she utilises a short musical crescendo to ensure that the song ends on a high. A genuinely warm, and refreshing, music discovering that will be the perfect soundtrack for summer evening events in the backyard/back garden as it is broadcast subtly and unobtrusively whilst simultaneously adding a sense of class to any atmosphere.

Regarding the song’s roots, LYD mentions: “focusing on the topic of imperfection and the normality of being imperfect, LYD is passionate about empowering people to be okay with not being perfect – as nobody is”.

LYD: Instagram
Original Photograph Credit: Jessica Lena

Written and performed by LYD, and featuring Harry Sampson on guitar (Underwater Sun), Martyn Nicholson on drums (Storm:Season) and produced by Elliot Coleman.

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