Music Roundup #35

“Choppy Water” by LONGLIGHT: instantly greeted by a quick-tempo acoustic guitar line, this song bristles with energy from the get-go and slowly increases in intensity as it progresses. The guitar is quickly accompanied by wonderful vocal harmonies, and the way in which they have been recorded and mixed is particularly praiseworthy; the balance between the lead vocals and backing vocals is perfect, and the way that the backing vocals discreetly grow louder to later equal the lead vocals is sublime – this creates a sense of urgency, superbly embodying the notion of choppy water in musical form.


“Cats & Butterflies” by Matt Gombau: a beautiful song that uses a winning combination of rich vocals and warm acoustic guitar, with tender embellishments from soft synths for additional musical layers. The song opens with a dramatically dark guitar melody, that quickly piques the interest of anyone listening, before warming up to be a more heartfelt piece with a passionate vocal performance that genuinely adds emotional weight to the lyrics. As the song grows, the bright guitar subtly cuts through the mix as the volume swells for the outro, resolving the early tension and cleverly concluding the experience.


“Set Me on Fire” by Saint Vice: an immensely-catchy pop-rock song with clean-cut vocals and slick production that makes this a real music gem. Effortlessly welding a range of influences together into one song, this has something for everyone starting with its attitude-fuelled guitar riffs and following all the way through to the big choruses that are easily memorable and therefore perfect for singing along with. A well-rounded song with a fun, upbeat energy that will have you moving along to it in no time at all as its infectious beat takes hold of you.

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