“Beyond My Control” by Fonzy and Company

This new single by Fonzy and Company screams ‘Green Day’ from the very start – fans of high energy alternative rock with find this a real sonic treat.

The band, who are a fast-rising quartet and were booked to appear at festivals such as Larmer Tree and Glastonbury Calling before the global pandemic, deliver a highly energetic rock single full of catchy charisma and fun vocal melodies that hit you right from the start and stays with you for hours to come.

The track delivers a modern punk-rock experience with a melodic twist and is complimented by the excellent production, making it stand out among similar releases in this genre. The male-female harmonised vocals also provide a welcome change and works incredibly well with the backing guitar tone and excellent drumming.

The band discuss the song in their own words: “Beyond My Control is about self sabotage, the world changing around you and questioning it’s morals sometimes for better and for worse. Feeling out of touch with reality, but you get glimpses of it being better this way and you can’t decide if it’s ignorance or epiphany. It’s letting go of trust from the way you were raised and realising that adapting is essential, but not to forgot your roots and the best parts which makes the good in you, even if it clashes with modern ideals”.

The song is due to be released on Spotify on 24th of May and you can pre-save it below. Be sure not to miss it!

Fonzy and Company: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

Author: Krzysztof Furgała

Pre-Save here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/fonzyandcompany/beyond-my-control

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