Music Roundup #36

“The Bottom” by Agata: warm bass introduces the song and quickly envelops the listener whilst providing the low-end and adding an extra rhythmic layer that accompanies the subtle, minimalist percussion. Meanwhile Agata’s soulful voice elegantly glides over the top, bringing beautiful vocal melodies to the mix and adding a touch of wistfulness to the overall feel of the song. With all of this going on, the listener is kept busy enjoying all of the layers that Agata has carefully created – so much so that the song slowly increases in volume and intensity as it progresses, most noticeable, of which, are the drums whose rhythmic pounding swells to dramatic levels; spectacularly contrasting with the soft entrance at the intro. A truly wonderful musical experience.


“Better Days” by Shayla McDaniel: an utterly immaculate song featuring powerful, yet crystal clean, vocals from Shayla which carry an important message of reminding us all that self-care is crucial for a good mental health. Musically speaking, the song is jam-packed with ideas and passages, which keeps the listener constantly on their toes and captivated by each twist and turn – we love the ambitious vision that Shayla has, as it means that the song is catchy, yet unpredictable, which makes it an incredibly refreshing listen. Furthermore, the rich layers of sound provide graceful textures – take special note of the glistening guitar melodies from 0:48 onwards – whilst providing ample space for Shayla’s voice to bask in the spotlight.


“Rabbit” by BRIDGES: another faultless release by a band that we’ve been following for a while, immediately becoming fans when we first heard their music. This song features the charismatic vocals that we love; filled with emotion and personality that allows the listener to truly connect with the music. Against this backdrop comes the atmospheric melodies that have an anthemic quality to them, delivering the recognisable, trademark sound of BRIDGES that we’ve grown to associate with them – bearing resemblance, at times, to bands such as Stornoway. The final piece of the musical puzzle comes from the powerful drums that add both depth, and force, to the song – yet they never overpower the other sonic layers, instead serving the song at all times.

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