“Dark Mode” by Dady

“Dark Mode” by Dady: deliciously-sweet vocals float over dreamy indie-pop melodies, creating a distinctly polished mid-tempo song that would perfectly soundtrack summer evening drives.

Opening with a soft glowing synth line and quickly accompanied by warm bass, minimal percussion, and tremolo-treated guitar, this gem makes a lasting impression on the listener and continues to grow in your memory long after it has ended. The slick production subtly nods to The 1975 and Pale Waves, though the overall vibe manages to capture the personalities of the duo, consequently maintaining its own distinct sound. Evidently, this is a superbly strong release that will go down a treat with new, and existing, fans alike.

“Dark Mode was written and recorded (almost) all in one day during the summer of 2020. With this release, we decided to explore warmer, more organic instrument sounds, a bit of a departure from our early production and beat-heavy tracks. Chalk it up to turning 30 (or all of the Phoebe Bridgers and Soccer Mommy we listened to over the course of the pandemic), but we wanted to take our foot off the gas with Dark Mode. Both vocally and production-wise, it’s an exploration of how less can be more.” – Dady

The duo, Dady, consist of Rachel Dady and producer Jesse O’Connor. Based off the impact of this song on us we predict big things to come from their musical pairing.

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