“Be Careful How You Go” by Larry Mindel

“Be Careful How You Go” by Larry Mindel: a charming song matched with a delightful retro video that carries a heartfelt, bittersweet message. A beautiful song filled with tenderness throughout.

Larry posses a warm, deep, crooning voice that floats over the top of soft, sweet piano melodies. Woodwind then joins, adding further richness to the composition. With the instrumentation providing a gentle ambience, the listener is encouraged to relax, whilst being reassured by the overall good-natured message of the lyrics. A thoroughly good-natured, heartwarming song with an emotionally-moving video.

“Like many people, I lost someone dear to me during 2020. I wrote this song at my mother’s bedside, the day before she died, in Barnet General Hospital. She was the first person to hear it. ‘Be careful how you go’ was her personal catchphrase, so to sing that to her, us both knowing she was about to pass away, was an especially poignant moment for both of us..” – Larry Mindel

Larry Mindel: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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