Music Highlights #8

“Another Happy Day” by Sally Ann
French artist, Sally Ann, has created this immaculate song that will have you hooked. Sally has packed a lot into just four minutes: we’re hugely impressed with the complexity of the song with all its various passages, which twist and turn at will, keeping the listener hooked and forever guessing where the song will go next. We adore this because we love the variety – this, in turn, then nods to Sally’s highly creative writing process. A bold song that has us us awe-inspired.


“Shine Like Gold” by Love Ghost
A cool song from American Hip-Hop/Rap-Rock band Love Ghost with a video that perfectly captures the optimism of spring. The song has a simplicity to it that allows it to carry more weight: instead of hiding behind over-the-top production, or other distraction sonics, it cuts straight to the chase, letting the music and lyrics do the talking. Furthermore, the impassioned vocals leave a lasting impression, especially in the outro where they genuinely sound angst-ridden – we love it!


“Runaway Train” by ARKETS
Propelled by bright keys, this song by Arkets has a sense of urgency to it that fittingly suits its title – adding a dose of energy to the piece. Warm vocals are supported by beautiful keys and further enhanced by the rich tapestry of melodies; soft vocal harmonies, mellow percussion, and smooth bass work magnificently to create a vibrantly joyful song. A really strong song with elements of jazz thrown in for good measure, though still treading the path of feel-good pop/rock.


“Frances” by Bodie
An utterly gorgeous song by classically-trained guitarist Bodie. The acoustic guitar plays soft, beautiful melodies that subtlety drive the song, whilst allowing the vocals to be at the fore. Bodie’s vocal tone and range is superb, carrying a lot of emotion within each lyric delivered. The video then completes vibe, giving a pleasant, minimalist visual narrative to accompany the aural journey.


“Home” by Kevin Riady
A wonderfully uplifting song by Melbourne-based artist Kevin Riady. Introduced by a superbly clean, and bright, acoustic guitar this song seems to grow and grow, adding new layers of sound as it progresses. Kevin’s voice is a joy to listen to; warm and passion-filled, delivering the lyrics in a truly heartwarming way. The final piece of the puzzle comes in the form of the charming video: it’s universally-engaging, with its friendly animated visuals not only highlighting the lyrics, but also showing a slice of paradise through the picturesque setting. A wonderful musical discovery that we love.

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