“Once Again” by ilonalowe

“Once Again” by ilonalowe: another spellbinding song from ilonalowe that follows up from her previous single, “Holy The Night”, that first put her on our radar.

Ilonalowe’s instantly-recognisable voice is very much the linchpin of the song; her characterful, smoky vocals deliver beautifully crisp lyrics wrapped in soothing melodies. Her voice is then accompanied by gentle acoustic guitar that starts with sparse finger-picked lines and later evolves into soft strumming as additional instruments join the fray, most notably that of the bright piano notes. The effect of this is comparable to artists like Wildwood Kin, resulting in an ambient, yet texturally-rich, song that appreciates the value of musical subtlety. For anyone seeking a moment of reflexivity, tranquillity, and assurance, this song will put you at ease and leave you feeling peacefully relaxed. Enjoy.

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