Music Roundup #32

“Let Them Go” by Andrea Mainini: a great anthemic post-pop/rock song with elements of shoegaze thrown in the mix. Beautiful guitar lines open the song and are quickly joined by the lovely vocals of singer Ivy Marie, who has a wonderful tone and range to her voice. Once the verse is delivered the song then slowly builds, culminating in a dramatic crescendo, as the song is driven by post-punk guitars and soaring vocals. Following this, the lyrics return for a quieter moment of reflection. This intense exploration of dynamics results in an interesting, and well-crafted, song.


“At Night” by Maurizio Rana: a delightful composition that takes the listener on a sonic journey without the need for lyrics. Due to the instrumental nature of this composition, listeners are able to focus purely on the rich layers of instruments; the percussion, the strings, piano, glockenspiel, music box, and tubular bells. All of this comes together to create an impressively intricate, and captivating, piece of music that results in a wonderful musical experience.


“Flight Mode” by MarynCharlie: a catchy indie-pop song with a message that is hugely relevant to us all and displays a wisdom that many could take heed of. A strong beat drives the song whilst electronic melodies float in and out, meanwhile MarynCharlie’s vocals are the glue that holds it all together – the vocal melodies are wonderful and work their magic throughout the song. A dose of something special: this song will have you humming along in no time at all.

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