“Dancing with the Devil” by Sam Readman

“Dancing with the Devil” by Sam Readman: a phenomenal debut single from Middlesbrough-based artist Sam Readman – her rich vocals are both powerful and passionate, making for a perfect combination, as evidenced by this song; the first of many (we hope).

The sound of a warm, bright piano first greets the listener a moment before Sam joins in, instantly captivating you with her incredible voice. The song slowly builds as the verse progresses; this is when the chorus hits in spectacular fashion, as the everything is taken up a notch – particularly the percussion – with the energy hitting like a tidal wave. Sam maintains this momentum, delivering a middle-eight, before launching back into the chorus, and then turning her attention to the outro: all whilst she keeps the listener mesmerised until the final piano note fades out.
A sure sign of a good song is that it is over before you want it to be – this is certainly the case with this song which, we suspect, will result in repeat listens as we all try to quench our musical thirst.

In Sam’s own words, she explains: “‘Dancing with the Devil’ depicts the relatable story of going back to someone who you know you shouldn’t. The song was written during a time when I was going back to someone who had hurt me in the past: the chorus lyrics – “am I dancing with the devil, or just someone who has sinned’ – it’s safe to say I was defiantly dancing with the devil.”.

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