Music Highlights #7

“Burn” by Jennah
British artist Jennah has truly impressed us with this brand new release, captivating us with both the impeccably strong single “Burn” and the accompanying music video. Starting off with a soft introduction, this almost disarms the unsuspecting listener, leading them to the chorus where Jennah’s amazing voice then explodes, showcasing her phenomenal range and tone. One listen to the song will demonstrate this and have you hooked.


“Nuffink” by Lewca
Another gem from Lewca, this time with an energetic ska/two-tone that features his signature tongue-in-cheek lyrical style and no-frills vocal delivery. The instrumentation is iconically ska, but it’s the lyrics that have us hooked; we love the narrative which is then further elevated by the brilliance of the lyrics – they’re typically wry and showcase some creative word choices, which we really enjoyed. A terrifically fresh song from an artist that is quickly becoming known for his own, identifiable sound and songwriting style.


“Hangman” by Slow Walk
Slow Walk have put themselves firmly on our radar with this fun song that, paired with a fantastic video, carries an important message: the online world of virtual bullying and the problematic activity of trolling. The way that the topic is presented through the highly imaginative video is superb – using a stickman, who travels through the internet to escape the persecution on online bullies, to highlight and symbolise this modern issue. An upbeat song with a serious message and a great video.


“New Spirit” by Colleen Wang
An utterly gorgeous composition by violinist Colleen Wang. The rich, uplifting melodies soar and genuinely lift the spirits of anyone listening. The visionary pairing of rock/pop drums brings another dimension to the piece too, adding extra energy as the percussion drives the song. Colleen’s talent as both an musician and composer is evident and has quickly won us over as fans of her music; we’re excited to hear future releases.


“Daydreaming” by The Blooms
An anthemic song, freshly released by Croatian trio The Blooms. Rich vocals, with pop sensibilities are combined with a elements of rock, creating a song that could be the epitome of pop-rock. Soft acoustic guitars open the song and quickly make way for a rumbling-bass beat that brings both power and depth, as the charismatic vocals deliver the lyrics in a heartfelt manner. This is an incredibly promising song and an impressive debut single from the band’s upcoming EP.

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