Music Roundup #31

“Another Hit” by Emergency: greeted by frantic guitars, this song is a raucous rock treat with wry lyrics that show the witty side of Emergency – a London-based Alt-Rock band who have hit the ground running, releasing this as their second single signalling, in our opinion, lots of early potential. The guitar tones are beefy and pack a punch; these are then paired with lyrics delivered in a dry, no-nonsense style that will translate superbly well to a live delivery at future gigs. A solid release, with the chorus being a big musical hook that will remain in your mind long after the song has ended.


“Don’t Give Up On Me” by Terry Blue: rhythmic guitars open up the song with the cyclical melodies hinting at something special to come – this is then realised when the immensely emotional vocals begin, instantly connecting to the heart and mind of the listener as Terry delivers the intensely heartfelt lyrics. The song quickly makes a lasting, impression: we had to have the song on repeat to truly appreciate its warmth and musical intricacies; a particular highlight being the clever dynamics that adapt throughout. Thoroughly wonderful.


“Love You More” by Craymo: a fabulously fun, upbeat song bursting with revitalised retro vibes. The guitars are spot on, whilst the hand-claps add a subtle, but essential, layer that makes the song sound truly authentic. Furthermore, Craymo’s voice sits in a special place that is a unique mix of The Everly Brothers, Cliff Richard, and Paul McCartney – adding a final touch of magic. Classic rock ‘n’ roll perfect for the early summer weather.

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