“Reset” by Naked Next Door

“Reset” by Naked Next Door: a fantastic indie-rock song that truly embodies the anthemic nature of the indie giants that the band cite as influences – Sterophonics, Oasis, and Catfish and the Bottlemen. The real talent here is how Naked Next Door achieve this whilst retaining their own musical identity: they take inspiration from these ‘big-chorus’ bands and inject their own sonic brand into the mix, creating music that has both a sense of familiarity about it and, simultaneously, a freshness too – a praiseworthy feat.

Particular highlights include the rich layers of sound in the mix, driven by powerful drums and overdriven bass. The emotive vocals then provide a sweet counterpoint to this, adding extra melodies whilst delivering heartfelt lyrics which then culminate in the explosive chorus that we can already picture being a hit with live crowds: this is a song that audiences will sing back to the band in atmospheric splendour.

Naked Next Door explain the ideas behind the song in their own words: “‘Reset’ is a song about being bored with the normal day to day life and wanting to break out of that repetitive circuit and “re-wire”. It was written at a time where reality was begging to feel heavier and heavier, it felt like something needed to change or happen”.

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