Music Roundup #29

“Apathy” by Charlotte Hall: a flurry of guitar melodies create a shimmering, tremolo-infused layer of sublime sonics that are only exceeded in ambition by the mesmerising vocals of Charlotte, who has a crisp voice that cuts through the mix with its power as it dances along the upper vocal registers. The praise for this song doesn’t end there, as Charlotte also proves her songwriting ability: writing lyrics that carry a wide-reaching, universal message; in this case, the need/want to escape routine and to push boundaries. This all culminates in a song that is enchanting and fresh.


“Peacher” by Deva St. John: packed with powerful vocals that emanate confidence, energy and angst, this song is a modern alternative-rock classic with a fiery punk attitude to boot. The tribal drums that introduce the song kickstart the tempo, allowing Deva St. John’s powerhouse vocals to hit the ground running as she delivers a raucous-yet-musical performance that will help set Deva St. John apart. Last, but not least, the guitars and bass pack a punch themselves, cementing this as an alt-rock anthem that will get live crowds riled up. Put simply: superb vocals, hard-hitting guitars, and tonnes of personality.


“What’s the Point’? by Zelha: a glorious indie-pop gem that is filled to the brim with all the best elements that pop has to offer: catchy hooks, a big anthemic chorus, and waves of melodies that will get you moving – all of this comes together to create a song that refuses to leave your memory and demands to be played on repeat loudly. Furthermore, Zelha has a voice that feels authentic: there is minimal production on the vocal track, which allows Zelha’s voice to come across in a true-to-form fashion. This is especially refreshing in an age where many pop songs suffer from over-the-top application of filters and effects – we love the integrity that Zelha’s sound delivers.

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