“I Just Can’t Believe That We Share The Same Name” by The Chase

“I Just Can’t Believe That We Share The Same Name” by The Chase: The Chase’s love-hate, ska-laced anthem is distinctively Britpop in its influences (think Kaiser Chiefs). And its chorus of men singing “da, da, da” is reminiscent of the song Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis.

At the same time, it’s danceable by its fast paced and energetic rhythm – not just by its ska-feel, but by a disco-style drum beat in its chorus. For that reason, its 2:36 minute-length will make it pass by so fast, it’ll make you press repeat until you can sing the lyrics:

I love you, I hate you,
I just can’t believe that we
share the same name

The lyrics were inspired between a feud between band frontman Tyler and his brother who’s
also the drummer, Dion: “During the track I (Tyler) make rather bold statements/gestures and I’m quickly
and frequently cut down by my so called little brother, Dion. ‘I Just Can’t Believe
” was mostly written on a plane ride home from Cyprus. Flying solo, and having plenty of time to kill, I thought up a beat and began to write the lyrics.”.

Author: Claudia H

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