“Sugar” by Le Freekz

“Sugar” by Le Freekz: characterful vocals with a smoky, soulful personality introduce and propel this funk-infused-pop song whilst delightful lead guitar lines deliver sweet, infectious melodies.

Formed in Manchester, with the pandemic raging across the world, Le Freekz music brings a silver lining to music fans looking for something fresh to satisfy their musical appetites with this aptly titled release being their latest treat. The song – “Sugar” – is superb: fabulous vocals sit at the forefront of the mix and take the spotlight, whilst support comes from the well-balanced drums, warm bass, and groovy guitar all working together to further enhance and complement each other in magnificent style. The cherry on the cake is the repeatability of the song – clocking in at under three minutes long makes has us addicted to the repeat button to prolong the joyful listening experience.

If not already apparent, we love the song. It’s a fantastically-strong release that adds to the fast-growing discography: during their time together (and despite the pandemic) Le Freekz have already released a number of songs – with “Sugar” being their fourth single – offering, to some degree, a glimmer of positivity for music lovers.

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