“Sparkle” by The Bigger Picture

“Sparkle” – the debut single by The Bigger Picture has truly surprised me. This anthemic alt-rock song impresses the listener every step of the way with the detailed instrumentation, great dynamics and exceptional vocal harmonies that captivated me instantly.

The song welcomes you with warm and gentle verse, accompanied by the vocal harmonies (truly the vocalists work so well together…) and before you know it the song escalates to the new highs and hits you with a Muse-like wall of sound with intense rhythm guitars, perfectly fitting synths and astounding epic vocal lines.

One of the key attributes of the song is the amazing build-up culminating in one of the best guitar solos I’ve heard this year. Perfect use of the synths and gentle guitar creates an amazing crescendo-like build-up towards this moment and takes the song to new highs before letting us experience the last chorus. 

The production of the track is of the highest level. I truly couldn’t believe this is the band’s first single as it compares easily to the well-established artists on an alt-rock scene (and often surpasses them).

The band is currently working on their first E.P ‘A Ghost and a Wish’ and if their work will be comparable to this sound – UK truly has a band that will be capable of playing in the arenas in the very near future. 

Author: Krzysztof Furgała

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