“Innocent” by Saving Arthur

Straight from the South African Abbey Road Studios new single “Innocent” by Saving Arthur is a treat not to be missed within the indie-rock world.

The new single welcomes us with a minimalistic yet pleasant combination of synths, pleasant bassline and complimenting reggae-like guitar pattern accompanied by a nostalgia driven vocals. The track certainly has an old-timey feel all the way throughout – something that was clearly intended by the artist.

‘’All the instruments used to build this track have been chosen specifically. The guitar parts for example, were recorded using a Rickenbacker 375, which certainly was the best tool for creating melancholic guitar lines since the Beatles used a similar guitar for the same purpose.’’

The track evolves into a chorus, beautifully complimented by guitar arpeggios that give out a new sense of depth to otherwise very minimalistic arrangement. If you are looking for a feel-good nostalgic indie track you should certainly check out Innocent by Saving Arthur

It’s always exciting to see a song grow from just a riff or two, to a demo and eventually the final product (…) Don’t hesitate to share the song with your loved ones; don’t hesitate to share it with anyone for that matter.’’

Author: Krzysztof Furgała

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