“Buried Alive” by KTEE

“Buried Alive” by KTEE is a personal recollection of a love story experienced by the artist. It shows us the story of falling in love with a man bearing vastly different values and the unfortunate heartbreak caused by it.

“I was devastated and I just could not let him go. The thought of having lost him forever was not bearable. I still felt this love. It wasn’t dead. I still had hope for us. We tried it one more time after I wrote the song, but it just did not work. I finally had to let him go. Now, many years later I feel ready to share the song. Maybe there are people out there, who are in a similar situation and maybe this song helps them somehow.“

The very personal close-up vocals, along with smooth synths, choirs and gentle piano certainly provide the listener with a feeling of intimacy and calm. The song certainly feels nostalgic and melancholic, but through this fusion of smooth sounds it also feels incredibly peaceful and fulfilling. 

The track is produced very well, with great-sounding layered choirs and incredible attention to detail. The instrument layers blend perfectly with the leading vocal line and create a ‘smooth’ listening experience.

It is certainly one of those songs to listen on a rainy day with a lovely cup of tea.

Author: Krzysztof Furgała

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