“High Low High Low” by Luna Keller

High Low High Lowby Luna Keller is a reflective representation of the artist relating to the challenging time we’ve all experienced throughout the last year. This folk-pop single presents us with a mellow feel-good mood and is perfect for the casual sing-a-long.

The song immediately greets the listener with an incredibly warm bass tone which compliments the steady drum groove. All that warmth is accompanied by the gentle sound of an acoustic guitar that stays consistent and noticeable throughout and certainly oozes the positive, yet reflective feeling that we all experienced through the last year.

‘’2020 was an emotional rollercoaster and I think we’ve all gone through our fair share of highs and lows in these strange times. There’s a beauty in knowing that life will always be moving and no darkness lasts forever. “High Low High Low” is my reminder of that truth, I hope it can remind you of that too.”

The instrumentation is greatly accompanied by the raw-sounding vocals that present the feeling of intimacy between the artist and a listener – after all, they speak about a personal experience of highs and lows of the pandemic.

All of these qualities are complimented by an astounding quality of production that truly brings the qualities of the song to another level by providing an amazing listening experience filled with warmth and positive feelings.

If you are longing for the song that perfectly relates to your experience of the lockdown and all associated Highs and Lows’ you should certainly give it a listen!

Author: Krzysztof Furgała

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