“Local” by Jordan Dean

“Local” by Jordan Dean: a robust EP consisting of five indie-pop songs, with distinct reference to heroes – Jamie T, The Kooks, and Arctic Monkeys – though still packed with Jordan’s own identity too, making this release a solid addition to his growing discography.

A particular strength of the EP can be heard through the stylistic range that Jordan has, as he takes the listener through quieter, more intimate moments with songs such as ‘What I’m Feeling‘ and ‘Rabbit Hole‘ (which could also be a nod to the Jamie T song with the same title) – contrasting with more energetic numbers, like EP-opener/title-track ‘Local‘ – a distinctly 2000’s indie song packed with witty lyrics reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys.

The introspective lyrics of songs ‘Drunk‘ and ‘Friend‘ further highlight the versatility and depth of character that Jordan has, adding another dimension to his music and showcasing his ability to write mature, well-rounded songs that look set to withstand the test of time.

This collection of songs were written when I was 18 and 19 and they just have to do with coming into young adulthood. I think they both encapsulate the young fun side of drinking and that but also carry some emotional weight of growing up. The songs all have to do with relationships with friends, family, and the people that were around me at that time” – Jordan Dean.

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