Music Roundup #28

“Simple Life” by Artfair: a stunning debut single that announces the London-based quintet’s entrance in spectacular fashion. Bouncing indie guitar riffs introduce the song before stepping back to allow the vocals, bass and drums to deliver the intelligent, wit-packed lyrics that, at times, nod to the socially-aware lyrics of artists like Youth Sector, Coach Party, and Seatbelts. An incredibly strong first single: if the band’s material maintains this quality then we expect to be seeing, and hearing, a lot more of them in the near future.


“The Juggler” by SKRUFF: a superbly dark, alternative/indie-rock gem that combines aggressive guitars with unnerving circus themes that take the whole song to a new level. The sonic impact of this is further emphasised by the grunge elements – contrasting louder moments against quieter sections – which works incredibly well. The equally-fantastic lyrics are last piece of the puzzle to be put in place: the circus references are well-placed throughout and seem to flow effortlessly – a real achievement, especially when considering the tempo of the delivery and the lyric topics.


“Shameless” by Kid Apollo: utilising minimalism, Kid Apollo introduces the song through a stripped-back approach of vocals and guitar, gently gaining the listener’s trust. A musical twist then takes the song in a more ambitious direction, keeping listeners on their toes as percussion is introduced, drawing inspiration from hip-hop/trap rhythms, and boldly amalgamating several genres. Layers of reverb-rich synths add a final swell to the latter-part of the song, giving a slightly cinematic feeling as the volume then fades.

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