“Shadow Love” by Andreww

“Shadow Love” by Andreww: a tremendously well-crafted, trap-infused, grunge-esque song with gothic undertones, Andreww has a bold musical vision that he successfully pursues, creating something special in the process.

There are many ways to test the strength of a song: those playing the long-game use the test of time, whilst others base success on statistics, using streams and sales to determine this. Another method is that of memorability, something that ‘Shadow Love’ achieves spectacularly, captivating us – and, we assume, many others – instantly upon first listen, resulting in repeat listens that we’ve lost count of; we can, however, confirm that we now have the lyrics firmly embedded in our brain, allowing us to join in with the song to the point of toying with the idea of auditioning for Andreww as a backing singer at future gigs and festivals. If this write-up hasn’t convinced you then have a listen and come to your own conclusion – the song link is just a click away below.

‘“Shadow Love’ is basically about loving things that aren’t good for you. A love that lies over you like a shadow. The enjoyment of being reckless and wanting to not know better. It’s not even about a specific person or thing but more a mindset you go into the night with.” – Andreww.

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