“Cobalt” by Alex Frew

“Cobalt” by Alex Frew: the debut EP from Canadian artist, Alex Frew, further builds on his recent success whilst simultaneously growing his discography – Alex now has an impressive collection of songs released over the last twelve months.

Slick production, charismatic vocals and deeply-personal lyrics all combine to form Alex’ recognisable sound. Songs like ‘9 Feet Tall‘ demonstrate this superbly well, utilising endless layers of sound to create a majestic sonic palette that delivers clean, crisp pop. Adding to this is Alex’s use of pacing, adjusting the musical phrasing and tempo throughout the song so that particular passages hit with an added emphasis, showcasing intelligent and creative songwriting skills and a natural talent for composition.

 Alex discusses the EP in his own words: “I want people to feel a little bit bigger than themselves while listening to the project. I’ve always gravitated towards songs that made me feel boundless, and I sincerely hope that this collection can convey those emotions.”.

Expanding on the EP title, Alex reveals: “Cobalt is the colour I associate to all of emotions and the entire sonic palette of the EP. Dealing with introversion, depression, substance abuse, and search for romance. The colour Cobalt represents the moody, blue emotion that inspired the creation of this project, and has stuck with me for the past several years.”.

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