“Teetering” by To.Do.List

“Teetering” by To.Do.List: fuzzy electronic elements, fabulously-eclectic percussion, and one of the darkest, most captivating voices we’ve had the pleasure of hearing – at times smoky and jazz-esque, but also able to quickly soar to higher pitches that then reveal a crispy clean edge too – this song quickly makes an impression on the listener that lingers long after the song has ended; an age-old, sure sign of quality music.

Based in both Hull and Manchester, To.Do.List (Carmina Marlena Isabella Budworth) is a northern artist that creatively blends multiple genres and, in doing so, creates a sound identifiable with her fast-growing discography. Equally impressive is the fact that To.Do.List emerged in 2020 and quickly won support from John Kennedy on Radio X, instantly gaining her first national radio airplay. If these early successes are anything to go by then the future looks very promising for To.Do.List and her music.

Turning attention back to the double-single “Teetering”, Carmina reveals more about the song itself:
“It’s about the uncertain edge on the precipice of falling for someone. Anecdotal whispers from dates and infatuation, with the heroine seemingly unaware that she was falling. A new kind of love, more homely and reassuring, unfamiliar yet recognisable. It was my way of saying I didn’t think I’d fall for you but here we are. In a way, it is an ode to a man”.
“When I put the words to music, I wanted a croony feel to lure the listener and tell the story. I chose dreamy loose chords and played with the melody. In the studio I knew I wanted to layer vocals and have layered lines, contrasting the repeated lyrics for an ending that builds to a climax”.

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