“School Boy” by Jack Frohlich

Witty and free-spirited, “School Boy” by Jack Frohlich is a reflexive song that utilises groovy jazz-inspired chords to create an indie-rock sound that’s infused with funky elements. The shimmering guitar sounds create a sonic foundation on which Jack’s characterful voice then delivers his direct and evocative lyrics; listeners may detect subtle hints of Arctic Monkeys, The Wombats and, possibly, Jamie T. The rhythm guitar, and lo-fi percussion, combine to give the song momentum, maintaining a semi-frantic pace which then contrasts with the more lenient middle-eight, resulting in a well-placed breathing place, allowing for additional emphasis for the song’s ending.

Jack explores the themes of the song in his own words: “‘School Boy’ discusses the difficulties encountered growing up. Jack reminisces about finding his true self throughout his school years, whilst considering how the school environment impeded this process.“.

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