Music Roundup #27

“The March of the Caterpillars” by Gabrielle Ornate: dramatic, colourful and theatrical – Gabrielle’s spectacular voice is full of expressive character that is matched by her beautiful tone, making for a superb debut single that will resonate with many new-found fans of her sound. The layers of electronic, overdriven/distorted instrumentation give the song a huge, full-on sound that makes this an sonic delight. The icing on the cake is then the fabulous artwork that accompanies the single helping to cement the song in our memory as a memorable release/


“Latch” by Forgetting The Future: gloriously uplifting, truly anthemic and musically bold – everything that great indie rock should be. The Scottish quartet use the tried-and-tested method of overdriven, yet clean, guitar tones alongside charismatic vocals and vocal harmonies where needed to add extra weight – with it all coming together superbly. We’re immensely grateful that this song was emailed to emailed to us for review consideration – we love it! To summarise, this is a great indie rock song that strives to be better than the white noise of generic indie rock and succeeds spectacularly.


“Living in Dystopia” by Crux: a powerful progressive rock song that is a welcome addition to the Newcastle band’s quickly-growing discography. Elements of Muse, Rush, and Royal Blood may be identifiable: the strong guitar riffs, thudding percussion and electronic elements work together in spectacular fashion, helping to drive Crux’s career further whilst continuing to consolidate the sound that they are becoming known for. In short, our new favourite Crux song: keep an eye out for this band at future gigs!

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