“Solitary Blues” by Scott Chapman

“Solitary Blues” by Scott Chapman: the beautiful and soulful voice of Scott is paired wonderfully with bright piano and feels as if the whole song emanates warmth, lulling the listener into a relaxed, comfortable state as they’re filled with reassurance. Scott’s tone and range is incredible; his voice almost has a life of its own, exploring the vocal scales of its own accord. The piano then fills the rest of the sonic spectrum, adding a soft rhythm to the song as well as gorgeous melodic flashes, particularly at the higher registers.

Scott’s video is equally enchanting. The straightforward performance in front of a camera is honest, minimalist and charming – there’s an authenticity to this approach, letting the music do the talking, and seeking to impress people with the song, rather than flashy distractions. It’s a wise and humble move. Scott Chapman: Spotify | Twitter

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