“Love Letters” by Charlie Grant

“Love Letters” by Charlie Grant: immediately greeted by warm, driving percussion, the song makes a great first impression before exploding into an utterly spectacular gem; it starts off incredibly strong and somehow continues to get better and better, making us crave continuous repeat listens.

Charlie’s well-rounded, inviting vocals really elevate the song throughout, but particularly standout in the chorus, which is where the whole song is taken up a notch. Such a strong chorus deserves recognition; any artists looking for a go-to song that exemplifies what a big chorus can, and should, be – look no further, “Love Letters” by Charlie Grant is a wonderful demonstration.

The song’s energy, and harmonious vocals brought to mind artists such as Green River Ordinance and Split The Dealer. If a gig promoter, or festival, were to book all three then you’d be able to experience a slice of musical paradise.

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