Music Highlights #2

“Young Heart” by Ella Rose Oliveras
Authentic, grassroots pop by Ella Rose Oliveras showing heaps of promise from an artist at the start of her musical journey. There is a heartfelt honesty behind the lyrics and feeling of sincerity throughout, which makes for a refreshing listen. A very solid release here from Ella.


“Last Embrace” by One Step Heavier
A groove-infused synth-rock song of epic proportions. The single artwork is some of the best, most eye-catching (and memorable) pieces we’ve seen. The fact that One Step Heavier are as equally talented with their music makes them an exciting band to listen to. People in Prague are fortunate to have One Step Heavier as a resident group.


“Run” by Myyora
Myyora has a superb voice filled with character, allowing her personality to shine throughout the song. There’s a uniqueness that keeps the listener on their toes as hints of jazz and pop emerge, whilst the percussion makes us envisage more exotic cultural influences. This song was a surprise discovery for us and one we’re incredibly thankful for: it is wonderful.


“What Ya Sayin’?” by The Banquets
Terrifically fun and packed with copious amounts of energy, The Banquets have released a brilliantly-uplifting song that further adds to their impressive discography. Perfect for dancing to, this song is ideal for a chekey groove and for getting the party started – we’re sure that it takes on a life of own when played live, particularly at sun-soaked festivals at the height of summer.


“Back From The Dead” by Lewca
Refreshingly down-to-Earth, Lewca delivers a no-nonsense rock gem that bucks the trend, making for a fresh listen. It’s a bold musical direction (and one that’s not quite radio-friendly) – but that makes it all the more relevant and charming. In all honesty, the world, and music industry, could do with some less pretentious, more direct rock goodness like this.

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